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fovea (foh•vee•ah) 
"The area of the eye where vision is the clearest."

Fovea Aero Systems LLC lives at the intersection of data, aerospace and business.  Our core mission is to harness next generation aerospace technologies in unmanned aerial systems (drones) to enable you to decrease costs, increase production and improve safety.

Industries throughout the World are recognizing the benefits that advanced data collection via UAS's can bring to their businesses. Fovea Aero's applications range from power line and pipeline inspections, to infrastructure assessment and maintenance, to land mapping and construction oversight.  What cost tens-of-thousands of dollars and took weeks with manned aircraft can now be done at a fraction of the cost in a single day with a drone.

As one of the first FAA licensed commercial UAS operators in the United States, Fovea Aero recognizes the opportunities that lie in this emerging technology.  What seemed unimaginable just a few years ago, such as acquiring hyper-resolution images of insulators on a high voltage tower, or creating a full 3-D rendering of a construction site, is now performed in a matter of hours using Fovea Aero’s dedicated technology and methods.

Fovea Aero is not simply a “drone operator”.  Founded by a technology entrepreneur with decades of experience in aerospace, Fovea Aero provides a complete package for your industry.  From data collection through analysis and delivery, we work with your team to deliver answers, not simply photos.


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