Law Enforcement &

Emergency Management


Affordable air support.

The benefits of aerial reconnaissance at the cost of ground support.

Knowledge can be the difference between safety or danger and success or failure.  Fovea Aero's affordable aerial reconnaissance using our fleet of UAVs ("drones") provides the information you need to keep your personnel safe, protect the public, and truly understand the situation.


Just a few of the benefits include:

  • Live, encrypted streaming video beamed to all authorized parties, wherever they are, is available on most any device including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • Ground personnel, officers, dispatchers, elected officials and stakeholders stay informed and ready to respond as events unfold.
  • High resolution aerial mapping provides tactical reconnaissance when preparing or responding to a disaster event so rescuers and public safety officials know exactly what to expect before they arrive on scene.
  • Fovea Aero Vision virtual reality imaging gives an immersive, ultra-resolution bird's eye view of an area allowing everybody to feel like they are there where-ever they may be.

Available for all types of missions, big and small.

Quick response by expert, professional operators.

  • No need to worry about acquiring and maintaining unmanned aircraft, training and insuring pilots or updating hardware and software.  We strategically locate professional UAV teams for fast response and unmatched expertise.


Faster and safer than using ground assets.

  • Cover hundreds of acres faster than vehicles, foot or horse back regardless of the terrain: forest, desert, swamp, land or sea.


Cheaper than manned aircraft.

  • Multiple UAVs can be used simultaneously for a fraction of the cost of a single manned aircraft without exposing the crew to danger or harsh conditions.


Enhanced virtual

search & rescue.

Enhance your rescue team with Fovea Aero virtual searchers.

Imagine finding a lost hiker without stepping a foot inside the forest.  Fovea Aero takes search and rescue into the 21st century using our fleet of unmanned aircraft and team of professionally trained virtual searchers.


  • Live video and high resolution imagery is beamed back in near real-time from unmanned aircraft to our trained search team.
  • They scourer every inch of the images using electronic tools and human eyes for those in distress.
  • Hits and areas of interest are immediately communicated to commanders to take the necessary action.


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