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Capture and remove drone threats.

The threat from the air is real... Stop it!

There are a lot of theories about how to protect infrastructure, sporting events and government installations from the real threat presented by weaponized or unauthorized drones.  But, the only real way to physically move a rogue UAV is to capture it.  Our "hunter drone" intercepts, captures and flies the bogey aircraft to a predetermined safe area on the ground for further inspection.


A capture event from recognition to mitigation.

  1. A possible UAV threat is recognized.
  2. Our hunter aircraft is launched and flown to the threat area.
  3. The bogey UAV is visually identified.
  4. Our hunter intercepts and tracks the bogey.
  5. If determined to be a threat, the hunter captures the bogey using Fovea Aero's patent pending kinetic device.
  6. The captured bogey is flown to a predetermined "safe area" where qualified ground personnel can inspect the device and determine the proper course of action.

Jamming and directed energy solutions have serious limitations.

Many are looking at jamming and directed energy solutions to this problem.  Unfortunately, these mitigation solutions have some serious limitations.  Jamming relies on disrupting or taking control of the navigation or control signals.  Directed energy uses projectiles or lasers to damage the device such that it an no longer fly.



  • FCC and wiretap regulations put the legality of solutions that jam or take control of GPS or control signals.
  • Jamming GPS and navigation signals have serious safety issues for nearby manned vehicles and equipment.
  • More and more drones manufacturers are moving to encrypted control signals thereby eliminating or seriously reducing the ability to "hijack" drone control in flight.
  • New inertial navigation systems (INS) created for UAS do not require any outside signals, navigation or control, to automatically fly a flight plan.  The aircraft can operate on autopilot without receiving or transmitting any signals.


Directed energy.

  • Ground based solutions often require many base stations positioned around the protected area.  These all need to be maintained and may be susceptible inhospitable terrain or being disabled.
  • Projectiles and directed energy can be dangerous to others in the area including bystanders, event goers or security personnel.
  • The disabled bogey UAV will often fall  to the ground upon a successful hit.  This may put the dangerous device or substance directly into an unintended area and cause unintended harm.


How can you can protect yourself?

Talk with our experts about solutions against aerial threats.

Fovea Aero Systems LLC is continually researching and designing new, potential solutions for this serious threat to security.  With such a new and quickly-evolving technology, all methods and devices are experimental and this point, but amazing strides are being made toward providing reliable, significant protection.


We invite you to be a part of the solution.  Fovea Aero is actively partnering with research institutions, government agencies and corporations.  Contact us for more information about our research, design and testing initiatives and how you may be a part of them.


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